Camp Activities

Visual Arts Activities

Students receive technical instruction in drawing with pencil, pen & ink, charcoal, colored pencil, conte crayon, pastel, oil pastel etc. Projects include: observational drawing, landscapes, still life, perspective, contour, gesture, portraiture, as well as, drawing from the imagination.

Students paint with watercolor, tempera, & acrylics. Instruction may include: portraiture, landscapes, still life, abstract, surrealism, fantasy, pop art, etc.  Campers have the opportunity to paint “plein-air” style outdoors on the camp grounds and next to the canal and river. Campers paint on both paper and canvas using easels and drawing boards.

Students have fun creating monoprints, linoleum cuts, silk screens, collagraphs and etchings while learning to use our printing press. Campers create a series of prints.

Campers use digital cameras to explore the world around them. They will look for interesting shapes, shadows and patterns in nature, architecture and people.

Students have the opportunity to handbuild both functional and nonfunctional clay projects, using coil, slab and pinch techniques. Students also use our pottery wheels to learn how to center and throw pots. All projects will be glazed and fired in our kilns. The ceramics program is housed in our Clay Shack.

Students design and create 3-D forms, using materials such as: plaster, wire, cardboard, wood, found objects and polymer clay.

Claymation:Using ipads and plasticine clay, campers will work in groups to create short stop-action films.

To check out some of the awesome claymation videos created at camp click on the following link:

Performing Arts Activities

This process-oriented program engages campers in a variety of fun and creative acting exercises. Students learn skills related to movement, voice and acting. The theatre program also includes singing, playwriting, character and scene development.

Classes combine a wide variety of dance, including modern, contemporary, classical, jazz, hip-hop, and salsa. Prior experience is not required, as our goal is to allow all students to express themselves creatively through dance.

Other Activities

Hello Cupcake:
Campers will learn the art of cake decorating while turning plain cupcakes into exciting, artistic masterpieces.  All cupcakes can be eaten at camp!

Campers will have fun exploring numerous crafts including:

  • Papermaking
  • Batik
  • Candlemaking
  • Paper arts
  • Jewelry making
  • Knitting & sewing
  • Mask making
  • Tie dyeing
  • Mosaics
  • Weaving
  • Origami
  • Stamping
  • Lanyards

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math.  Campers will use their creativity to build and experiment. Groups will add motors to their sculptures and combine the fine arts with science and technology.

Campers will learn the practice of yoga using kid-friendly poses. We will stretch, move & relax. Yoga boosts strength, flexibility, coordination, concentration and self-esteem.

Speed Stacks:
Campers love these alternative sports! Speed Stacks enhance hand-eye coordination, perseverance and reaction time, but kids think that they’re just plain fun.

Team Challenges:
Campers will have fun working together to creatively solve problems. Which team can build the longest bridge using only rubber bands, paperclips and marshmallows? Which team can sort the most Starburst candies by color when they are blindfolded? We will challenge you to think outside the box, cooperate with each other and communicate clearly!

Counselor Led Workshops:
Back by popular demand! Our talented counselors will lead us in some zany, fun and certainly different activities! They can be anything from sponge tag to cooking to painting with your feet to henna tattoos. How about packaging an egg so that it doesn’t break when dropped out of a second story window? Different activities will be offered each week.

Special Days:
A series of fun events have been planned for this summer! Each week we will do something different! Celebrate December in July with a whole camp Gingerbread House Decorating Contest.  Wear your western garb when a square dance caller visits for a Ravens Run Country Western Dance. Enjoy an old-fashioned carnival.  Turn your counselor into the Statue of Liberty using toilet paper and newspaper for the 4th of July. Watch a spectacular magic show. Take part in our annual “Empty Bowl Breakfast,” where we eat out of the bowls we made in ceramics class to raise awareness of hunger in our community.  Each summer we donate several carloads of groceries to a local food bank.

Visiting Artists: Visiting Artists will work directly with campers, exposing us to their varied styles and passions. Past visitors have included musicians, storytellers, painters, bead artists and ceramicists.


In addition to the regular activities with their group, students ages 7 and older will select an elective in an area that they wish to pursue further.  During Electives, campers are in mixed-age groups. Electives include:

  • “Project Runway” Fashion Design
  • “Gi-normous Art” Giant Size Painting
  • “Amazing Movies” Video Making
  • “Comic Book Boot Camp” Manga and Comic Book Drawing
  • “Tik-Tok Dance” Choreograph and Create your own Dance Videos

Performances and Art Exhibits:

Each three-week session will culminate with an art exhibit and performance which incorporates all of the arts and is created by the campers. This is a highlight of the summer for many of our returning campers! Family and friends are invited to view and celebrate the campers’ achievements. The performance is always magical. The art show overflows with hundreds of creative expressions from our budding artists. What a great way to see what Ravens Run is all about.